Roof repairs Brisbane 2022 – Get free quote

Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations

Roof repairs Brisbane 2022 – Get free quote

Comprehensive roof restoration in Brisbane North

With the recent influx of thunderstorms and rainy weather, you may have noticed that your roof is in need of repairs. Whether it be moisture, mould or leaks, these are all signs that there could be damage to your roofing and the forecast for 2022 isn’t looking any better. It’s predicted that the summer of 2022 will be hot and humid with both above average temperatures and frequency of rainfall and thunderstorms for the majority of Australia. We here on the east coast will get particularly large amounts of rainfall and strong storms.

Now more so than ever it’s critical that you have your roof regularly inspected to help maintain it and get on top of any leaks, damage, or issues as soon as they arise. If you don’t, the next big storm could see a lot of damage to your property that’s more expensive to fix.  

We here at Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations are ready for a busy summer of fixing leaks and providing other roof repairs all over Queensland. We offer a range of professional roofing services including repairs, restorations, and repointing. We work exclusively with tile roofs making us the premier tile roof firm in Brisbane and can repair both terracotta and concrete roofs.

We’ve been in the Brisbane roofing industry since 1981. So that’s not a mere 20 years, but 40 years of providing high quality roofing services to countless happy clients across the sunshine state, from small residential homes to large industrial projects. In all these years, we’re proud to say that we’ve never been beaten by a leak; if you’ve got one, we can fix it!


Roof leaking should be address as quickly as possible in order avoid major roof repairs such as roof replacements. Here at Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations, we have an in depth, comprehensive process we follow to ensure your roof is in perfect condition by the time we’re finished.

Firstly, we will thoroughly inspect your roof to assess the condition and note any issues such as broken tiles and cracked tiles.

We will then apply a valley seal if necessary, pressure clean your roof, remove old mortar and recement capping (if necessary), install weep holes, sweep off mortar, apply Flexipoint and remove any grit.

We finalise the process with an application roof coatings and roof painting to seamlessly blend the repairs with your existing roof. Before you pay, we always do a final thorough inspection to ensure that the job carried out has been completed to our strict, high standards.

You’ll also find working with our team both in the office and out in the field to be a breeze. Our close-knit team of fully qualified employees are not only hired for their outstanding workmanship but also their customer service skills as impeccable customer care is a priority of ours. We endeavour to do all we can to put our customers first. Our spotless record over 4 decades of providing roof repairs and the fact that most of our work comes to us from referrals from previous clients are testaments to our professionalism and high standards of workmanship and customer service.

If you’ve got a roof problem, you know you can trust Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations to get the job done right. For a free quote and measure, give our friendly team a call today or hop on our website and fill out the form on our “free quote” page.

Bonus tip! It’s also a good idea to look into guttering repairs if needed as the condition of your gutters is also a vital component overall roof health and ability to withstand heavy rainfall and storms.