Reliable roof restoration in Brisbane South 

Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations
Reliable roof restoration in Brisbane South  

Reliable roof restoration in Brisbane South 

From the effects of severe weather to general wear from the elements, our rooves are bound to incur damages over time. Although tiled rooves are a great choice to complement the style of many homes, they are just like other materials in that they need regular maintenance to function and look their best.

For both terracotta and concrete tiled rooves, the most cost-effective solution is to seek the help of experts who specialise. Although there are plenty of companies in roof restoration across the south of Brisbane, many work with a variety of roof materials and lack the specific skillset needed to restore a tiled roof efficiently.

Who are Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations?

With 40 years’ experience in the industry and a perfect record of glowing referrals, Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations are the company to trust in South Brisbane.

Relied upon by reputable companies such as BUILD and Liberty Homes, and recommended by leading product suppliers like Colorbond and Dulux, we check all the boxes when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our BSA licence, highly qualified staff, and comprehensive insurance guarantees your roof is in the best possible hands, while our 10 year warranty provides lasting peace of mind.  

Our Process

Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations are here to help with all jobs, big or small. Our high standards and respect for clients’ homes mean that your roof will be left clean and undamaged, boosting your property value.

If your roof needs thorough restoration, we will start by replacing any cracked or broken tiles and installing a Valley Seal if necessary. We will then work through a series of tasks to ensure that your roof is functional and flawless, such as pressure cleaning, removing old mortar, re-cementing capping, installing weep holes, sweeping off mortar, applying Flexipoint and removing any lingering grit.

For terracotta and concrete tiled roofs, the use of a flexible pointing compound made from cement mortar blended with water based polymers is essential during major flexible pointing works. This allows the roof to move freely without cracking or breaking, while adhering firmly when applied with a trowel. With this in mind, it’s clear that only experts with the right skillset can ensure any roof restoration work is done properly.

Our experienced roofers use flexible pointing compound, cement mortars and major flexible pointing with water based polymers to ensure that your roof can withstand movements without cracking or breaking. We apply the trowel applied Flexi Point to all edges, valleys and gutters for a secure waterproof seal. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee a perfect finish with our roof restorations.

We finish with the application of a sealer coat and colour coat, only ever using premium products from the best manufacturers. So, for roof restoration that you can trust, call 0413 432 014.

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