Why repointing roof tiles is so important

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Why repointing roof tiles is so important

Why repointing roof tiles is so important

Any issues with your roof can weigh heavily on your mind. Not only do leaks and damages bring down the property value of your home, they also pose risks to the health and safety of yourself and loved ones.

However, when you don’t know too much about roof repair, you may wonder what steps like ‘repointing’ entail, or how necessary they are. Thankfully, if you have a tiled roof, the specialists at Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations are here to help.

What’s involved in repointing roof tiles

Due to the effects of the elements causing certain materials in your roof to expand and contract over time, damages such as cracks and deterioration can accumulate. This often leads to a worn appearance if your roof is not repointed every ten years or so.

‘Pointing’, or the flexible material that covers a roof’s bedding, keeps your ridge capping and roof tiles firmly in place. It also creates a waterproof seal to protect your home from harsh weather conditions.

With the help of qualified professionals, replacing these materials will not only prevent leaks that are costly to repair, but will also increase your property value.

How Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations can help

Although your roof may need repointing, hiring the wrong tradespeople can result in several call outs before this is discovered. Unfortunately, many workers have a basic knowledge in various styles of roofing, and may not be able to diagnose underlying structural issues with tiled rooves on the first try.

This means that each time they get it wrong, you waste time and money while your issues remain unfixed.

However, with Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations, your roof will be serviced by qualified experts who specialise in tiled rooves exclusively. You will save money on a job done perfectly the first time round, with a 10 year warranty to back it up. For all repairs, restoration, and repointing, just call 0413 432 014.