Repointing Roof Services in Brisbane

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Repointing Roof Services in Brisbane

Why repointing roof tiles is so important

Summer is quickly approaching. This also means that storm season isn’t far off. It’s essential to check your roof is in top condition to ensure that it is well prepared to better withstand the incoming weather. Roof repointing is one aspect of general house maintenance that is very important to keep up with to increase both the safety and value of your home. 


On tiled roofs there are triangular shaped tiles that sit where two roof areas intersect. These tiles are most commonly known as ridge capping, but they can also be called ridge security tiles or capping tiles. The ridge capping is secured to the roof with two methods, roof bedding and pointing. Roof bedding is a mixture of sand and cement/ mortar that adheres the ridge capping. Then a layer of flexible pointing material is put over the roof bedding to ensure that your roof tiles and ridge tiles are kept securely in place.


Roof repointing is essential to the structural integrity of your roof. Ridge capping acts as a seal preventing water, moisture, and dust from coming through your roof. The repointing materials expand and contract to accommodate to different weather conditions and the seasons.

Signs of damaged ridge capping can include roof leaks, light coming into your roof space, mould and mildew, missing tiles, and cracking or breaking tiles. 


For quality roofing services, there’s no on better in Brisbane. We specialise in roof repair and roof restorations services, including repointing. The types of roofing we can provide repointing for include both terracotta roofs and concrete tiled roofs.  

The Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations team consists of fully qualified tradesmen who complete every job to not only the Australian requirements but to our own high standards. Unlike roofing contractors who typically offer generalised services, our roofing works are specialised and comprehensive. Whilst we’re up there, we’ll also do a full roof check for any other issues such as loose tiles, broken/ cracked roof tiles and inform you if we see anything else that needs to be fixed.

We’ve been in the roofing industry since 1981 and over those 40 years we’ve never been beaten by a roof leak. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and in-depth knowledge that only comes with working 4 decades in the industry. The fact that the majority of our work comes from recommendations from previous clients is proof that you can trust when we say we put our customers first.

If you’re in need of roof pointing or any other roof repairs, get in touch with the Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations team today for a free quote.